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The Magical Fun Tent

No Stage Available? No Problem!

The Magical Fun Tent

The Magical Fun Tent is an 8'x8' portable performance area complete with its own sound! With an audience gathered up front for an amazing show, this setup serves as a backdrop for the Magical Show. Also, the tent can be used as a storage area for equipment and props between shows. 

Access to power is required.

Easy Set-Up & Break-Down

The Magical Fun Tent is easy to load-in to any fair or festival and easy to set-up. Complete set-up takes Jeffrey Jester less than 2 hours. Once the tent is set-up Jeffrey is ready to entertain! 

Contact Jeffrey Jester

(512) 488-4577

Austin, TX.


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If you think The Magical Fun Tent would be the right fit for you event, or if you have questions please reach out!

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